npayme whitepaper - v3.1

Web3's Premier dApp Suite for the Creator Economy

0. Context

In the modern day internet, individuals, organizations, and creators are forced to rely on extractive, inequitable, and inefficient systems where centralized middlemen such as banks and big tech retain all the value. Middlemen, otherwise known as intermediaries, have built trillion-dollar markets by positioning themselves between consumers and creators in any given system. Whether it be commerce, social media, or crowdfunding, these centralized entities extract the value from systems that are ultimately created by its users. As a society, we have grown accustomed, even welcoming, to this structure as these middlemen typically host services and experience that we enjoy. However, given that the power, control, and value remains with the middlemen, a dynamic is created where all the users and creators in that system are at the mercy of its host. Additionally, since hosting a system such as a giving network (GoFundMe), creator platform (Patreon), or marketplace (Amazon) comes at a large cost, these entities are forced into an extractive position in order to maintain operations, expand market share, and meet fiduciary responsibility. This construct riddles the economy with inefficiencies and single points of failure, as platform hosts are required to extract fees or data from their users in order to turn a profit.

But what if this reality was merely a reflection of the technology that has been historically available to us, and that there could be a more equitable and efficient way for these systems to exist? Is there a more egalitarian and secure way for people to manage their assets and data while working together towards a common goal in a global marketplace? Where existing intermediaries are replaced by a network of its users, and cost savings and value are distributed to all participants…

This future is becoming a reality with npayme. Utilizing groundbreaking technologies such as blockchains, smart contracts, decentralized- autonomous-organizations (DAOs), and cryptocurrencies, npayme provides an escape from the inefficient and extractive systems of our past. Creating a new system where the participants of the network are programmatically rewarded for their contributions, and the value generated is owned collectively by its users. This permissionless, self-sustaining, and distributed system is known as the Web3 Cooperative. Web3 cooperatives are owned and operated by their users, utilizing new technologies for governance/maintenance, incentive alignment, generating an adoption flywheel, and cultivating indirect network effects. The npayme network uses this newfound structure to support a decentralized application network, for web3 creator applications.

1. npayme's dApp Suite

At its core, npayme’s dApp suite is a testament to the power of decentralized and open-source collaboration. It stands as a symbol of inclusivity and opportunity, where anyone passionate about the project can freely contribute. Developers, designers, visionaries or general enthusiasts can now freely shape the utility and value of a platform and programmatically be rewarded for doing so. With blockchain technology as its backbone, npayme ensures transparency, security, censorship-resistance and the immutable traceability of contributions. Through cryptocurrency powered incentives and governance mechanisms, npayme empowers its community to actively participate in the decision-making process and development of the npayme dApp suite.

Think of product suites like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud. These centralized behemoths have undoubtedly played pivotal roles in shaping the digital world. Applications like Excel, Word, Photoshop, and After Effects have become indispensable tools for professionals and creators worldwide, all of which are accessible through their application suites. However, the development, management, and distribution of these applications have always rested in the hands of a select few within these corporate giants. Now, with the advent of transformative technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, DAO’s, and cryptocurrency, npayme embarks on a mission to develop a new suite of applications built for and managed by creators - backed and developed by a collective force of its users and contributors.

Currently, the npayme suite includes the dApps: npayme create, npayme promote, & npayme reward. Each of these apps leverages web3 technologies to enhance a creators/organizations workflow, from the creation of digital media NFTs to the implementation of reward programs. As a decentralized application network, npaymeDAO is actively looking to grow its ecosystem. Join the DAO and apply for a grant and your applications approval into the npayme dApp suite, or refer another application and earn rewards as a contributor. Learn more here.

2. npayme's Native Utility Token, NPAY

$NPAY is the native utility & governance token that powers the npayme network by entitling holders access to its suite of decentralized applications and governance mechanisms. The token is also used to incentivize further growth, development, adoption, and decentralization of the network. The utility of the NPAY token is its ability to access decentralized applications within the npayme ecosystem, and ability to shape the future development and direction of the npayme network through governance participation. NPAY tokens can be used for both On-Demand access to npayme dApps or be used to access monthly subscriptions to the dApp services.

3. The Web3 Digital Cooperative, a Permissionless & Self-Sustaining Decentralized System

The key potential and core value of the technology behind npayme’s dApp suite can be broken down as:

  1. Its ability to automatically reward the consumers (demand), creators (supply), and contributors (Developers, Affiliates, Marketers etc.) for their contributions to the network

  2. Maintain and evolve its operations in a decentralized an open source manner

  3. Properly manage the fee structure and distribution of the network as to align incentives and encourage growth

These revolutionary standards can only be accomplished by adopting new technologies such as:


An immutable and public ledger of all contributions, identities, and transactions of the network

Smart Contracts:

Ensure that the applications and processes of the network work as intended in the original code


Provide users with a voting-based representation in the decision making process of building, maintaining, and adapting the network


Capture the value generated by a network, align incentives, provide access, and reward participants for their contributions to the network

An overview of the structure supporting the npayme network and dApps is shown here:

4. Initial npayme dApps

Each of the following decentralized applications in the npayme dApp suite utilize the networks innovative structure, helping them achieve scale in a rapid and decentralized manner. Anyone can apply for a grant to be included in the dApp suite, as this is a permissionless and open source collection of the worlds best decentralized applications for creators. However, only upon approval from the DAO will a dApp receive and utilize NPAY tokens in this closed loop dApp ecosystem.

4.1 npayme create

Step into a realm where your creativity knows no bounds, where your content reigns supreme, and where your community is celebrated like never before. Introducing npayme create, your gateway to a universe of empowered content creation within the vibrant web3 landscape.

Blockchain technology has made digital ownership a reality—creating a brand new world of artistic and commercial possibilities in the process. npayme create allows anyone to develop, mint, sell, and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and collections that can represent art, digital media, membership passes, loyalty cards, etc. Experience the freedom that only comes when creators and consumers are directly connected with no middlemen. And npayme create is a powerful web3 dApp yet it’s easy to use by anyone with no need for web3 smart contract expertise. Simply bring your NPAY tokens to the dApp and start creating!

Imagine creating, selling and distributing any type of content (e.g., videos, images, and physical-world items) while increasing your fanbase size and engagement by selling memberships and token-gated subscriptions to any type of service (e.g., livestreams, exclusive members-only websites, online and real-world events). And npayme create gives you access to lucrative secondary markets where you automatically earn royalties any time your content is resold, in addition to increasing your exposure to new buyers.

As a fully decentralized platform, npayme create lets you explore all these possibilities of digital rights management, royalty payouts, and creator’s earnings potential while always giving you complete control and self-sovereignty over your own creative works. npayme create can be accessed using NPAY tokens on demand or through the npayme suite subscription.

4.2 npayme promote

npayme promote is a multidimensional payment and promotion system that seeks to combine the efficiency, transparency, and capabilities of web3 technology with the virality and reach of traditional social media. npayme promote leverages both web3 technologies and social media to amplify the creator economy by enabling creators and organizations of all kinds to directly connect with and incentivize their audience, influencers, and affiliates in a way that is inherently viral.

npayme promote introduces a revolutionary new concept called share and earn, allowing any affiliate, promoter, or even social media user to instantly earn for promoting an npayme promote listing. Listings can include charities and crowdfunding, digital media & content, subscriptions & memberships, event & ticket sales, or products & services.

Legacy systems rely on centralized models and intermediaries to settle transactions, store data, and distribute content/assets. As a web3 platform, npayme replaces middlemen with decentralized blockchain networks. This allows for individuals and organizations to freely interact directly with one another without relying on any external parties or middlemen. All content, assets, rewards, and payments are transparently and automatically distributed.

4.3 npayme reward

Turn first time customers into forever customers by automatically rewarding desired actions and incentivizing loyalty with npayme reward. As a web3 native reward and referral platform, npayme reward provides the tools to acquire and retain more users. Utilizing a point and prize system, you can easily set up an incentive structure for both offchain and on chain actions such as interacting with social media accounts or smart contracts. Imagine being able to automatically reward your customers for purchasing and promoting your products or services, for following your Twitter account and retweeting a post, for joining your Discord server and inviting their friends to join, or for buying and holding your NFT membership passes. Automatically deliver your customer rewards as cryptocurrency, unique digital assets, or coupons for your own customized special offers. npayme reward organically increases web3 sales by rewarding recurring customers and incentivizing new ones. With no code, automated scripts, and custom API integrations, npayme reward provides all the necessary tools to build and harness your community. As the first reward system introduced to the npayme suite, the platform can be accessed using NPAY tokens or through the npayme suite subscription.

5. npayme DAO

npayme DAO is the decentralized governance body of the npayme network reshaping the creator economy. npayme DAO is comprised of creators, promoters, developers, and web3 builders of all kinds who support the fundamental vision of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralization. Structured as a decentralized-autonomous-organization (DAO), npayme DAO provides any NPAY token holder with the ability to participate in democratized building - shaping the future of the npayme network and dApp suite offerings.

The npayme DAO is responsible for managing the network’s dynamic fee structure, determining proper grant recipients, approving new decentralized applications, and ultimately aligning the incentives of the entire community. All NPAY token holders can participate in governance decisions and make new proposals for the community to vote on.

Learn more about npayme DAO here.

6. npayme & the ndau ecosystem

At the foundation of the npayme network is ndau, an adaptive digital currency that is a self-sovereign, simple and secure store of value. The ndau token is optimized for a long-term store of value with staking rewards and a goal of buoyancy. The Proof of Stake ndau blockchain has been operational 24/7 since 2019, making ndau a tried and tested foundational digital currency. NPAY, the npayme network’s native utility token, builds on this foundation by leveraging ndau’s adoption and demand based supply dynamics. NPAY seeks to avoid many of the apparent issues with other utility tokens such as misaligned supply and demand due to over-or-under-issuance. Instead, NPAY will utilize the foundation that ndau has set as an adaptive currency through conversion based issuance. This allows for new NPAY tokens to enter the system only when there is a demand for them. During this process ndau tokens are immediately burned upon conversion, providing a healthy deflationary effect on the amount of ndau in circulation. Demand for $NPAY drives adoption for the ndau ecosystem and the creation of $NPAY tokens is directly linked to ndau’s adaptive monetary policy and adoption-based supply dynamics. Learn more about the relationship between ndau and npayme below in the tokenomics section.

7. NPAY Tokenomics & Ecosystem Development

Unlike most app suites today, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud, npayme is a suite of dApps (decentralized App) that operates on a blockchain network, utilizing open-source code. By operating in a decentralized manner, npayme eliminates the possibility of a single point of control or failure, ensuring the reliability and security of its operations. This is achieved through the elimination of counterparty tampering, network downtime, and administrative censorship, resulting in a strong deterministic approach where every npayme dApp will execute as originally coded. However, this system requires a Web3 native digital asset that provides access to the network's utility, captures value, and further incentivizes growth/adoption. $NPAY serves this purpose by capturing fees for the value provided by the network and rewarding token incentives and grants to further the growth and development of the npayme network suite.

Sources of Demand:

  1. Entitles holder with access or rights to npayme suite decentralized applications

    1. npayme create

    2. npayme promote

    3. npayme reward

    4. npayme dApp Suite subscription

    5. All future npayme suite dApps

  2. Entitles holder with access to npayme DAO governance participation

    1. Vote on dynamic network fee structure

    2. Vote on grant approvals & token rewards

    3. Vote on approval or denial of new npayme suite dApps

npayme Suite Subscription:

While many individual creators will interact with the npayme dApps through an On-Demand approach (NPAY to access), the npayme DAO also wants to provide the community with unlimited monthly access to its dApps through a subscription based model. This model aims to create a more intimate and seamless relationship between the npayme suite and its most active users, organizations, and enterprises. As npayme exists in the highly compossible and trustless world of web3, all users need to access the npayme suite subscription is an NFT. This allows the DAO to provide subscription access to a wide range of global users as NFTs can be acquired or earned in many ways. These subscription NFTs can be earned either through Labor, Time, or Resources, at the discretion of the end user.


Users earn points for contributing to the DAO/network in various ways with the npayme reward system (Social posting, interacting, engaging), then redeem points for monthly subscription NFT

Incentivizing interaction, promotion, engagement and overall adoption


Users lock 100 NPAY tokens for the month and are rewarded with subscription NFT

Incentivizing long term holding and commitment to the DAO


Users contribute 20 NPAY tokens towards DAO initiatives and are rewarded with subscription NFT

Incentivizing further decentralization and growth of the network

Sources of Supply:

The $NPAY supply begins with a pre-minted token allocation distributed to: npayme DAO Treasury & Development, Team & Advisors, Community & Ecosystem, Private Sale, and Public Sale. This supply is used to attract builders and users to the npayme network, to fund future development, and to achieve T-0 decentralization of the $NPAY token. At the time of Genesis 20,000,000 NPAY tokens will be created and distributed according to the allocation chart and release schedule below. Following token genesis, $NPAY tokens can only be created by converting $NDAU tokens 1:1 for newly minted $NPAY tokens. This allows for the npayme dApp the leverage ndau’s existing adoption-based supply curve, ensuring a sustainable supply trajectory.

Genesis Allocation -->

Token Release Schedule -->

How NPAY Leverages ndau's Adoption-Based Supply Curve

The npayme network has introduced an innovative approach to token issuance by leveraging the adoption-based supply curve of the ndau ecosystem. Ndau, an adaptive digital currency, follows a release schedule based on the diffusion of innovations theory, where new ndau tokens are introduced into the market as demand pushes the market price upward along the Next Issue Price Curve. This adoption-based supply curve serves as the foundation for the creation of the $NPAY token, beyond the genesis allocation. By implementing a 1:1 conversion process, $NPAY tokens are created using ndau tokens. However, to maintain a healthy deflationary effect on the ndau supply, the ndau tokens used for conversion are immediately burned and removed from supply. This process not only contributes to the scarcity of ndau but also aligns the creation of $NPAY tokens with ndau's adaptive monetary policy and adoption-based supply dynamics.

The demand for $NPAY tokens plays a crucial role in driving adoption of the ndau ecosystem. As users seek to acquire $NPAY to access the utility provided by the network's decentralized applications, the underlying ndau ecosystem experiences an increase in demand. This interdependence ensures that both tokens benefit from and build on each other. Moreover, the adoption-based supply curve of ndau provides an advantageous mechanism for $NPAY token issuance and npayme network monetary stability.

The relationship between $NPAY and the adoption-based supply curve of ndau introduces the concept of excess demand, which becomes a determining factor for the creation of new $NPAY tokens. When the price of $NPAY surpasses the price of ndau, indicating excess demand, the conversion process allows for the creation of $NPAY tokens using ndau tokens. This conversion process takes advantage of the arbitrage opportunity created, ensuring that new $NPAY supply is introduced to the market. By introducing $NPAY tokens only in times of excess demand, the npayme network maintains a balance between supply and demand, preventing excessive inflation and promoting monetary stability. Conversely, when the price of $NPAY is lower than the price of ndau, individuals are incentivized to acquire $NPAY tokens from the open market rather than through the 1:1 conversion process. In this scenario, where demand for $NPAY is lower, no new $NPAY supply is created. This mechanism prevents unnecessary token issuance during periods of lower demand, contributing to the stability of the npayme network and ensuring the integrity of the adoption-based supply curve.

In summary, npayme has strategically utilized the adoption-based supply curve of the ndau ecosystem to create a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between the ndau ecosystem and $NPAY. The 1:1 conversion process enables the creation of $NPAY tokens while maintaining a deflationary effect on the ndau supply. The demand for $NPAY tokens drives adoption of the ndau ecosystem, and the interplay between the tokens fosters a symbiotic dynamic. By harnessing the adoption-based supply curve, npayme ensures the alignment of token issuance with market dynamics, promoting a balanced market and supporting the growth and decentralization of the network.

Network Fee Structure

NpaymeDAO governance controls the tokenomics, access fee structure, and grant approval of the npayme network. The initial tokenomics and set access fees attempt to align the incentives of the entire npayme network. This is essential for the success and integrity of the npayme Network. To safeguard the future of the npayme network, the network parameters are amendable by npayme DAO governance proposition. Fees outlined below are provided as an example. Exact Access Fees will be made publicly available prior to token genesis.

Fee Distribution & Ecosystem Development

The npayme network utilizes collected fees to drive development, adoption, and monetary stability through an innovative tokenomics model. These fees initially serve as the funding mechanism for the network, fueling its growth and expansion. In the early stages, a significant portion of the fees will be allocated toward token incentives from the npayme DAO to drive network growth. The remaining portion of fees will be rewarded to members of the npayme DAO through NPAY membership rewards. This ensures that the network gains momentum and attracts more users.

However, as the network matures and achieves a wider adoption, the focus shifts towards maintaining stability and sustainability. At this point, the fees collected will mainly be used for perpetual suite grants to continue growing and maintaining the dApp ecosystem. To strike the right balance between growth and stability, the npaymeDAO holds the power to dynamically manage these parameters. This allows for flexibility in adjusting the allocation of fees, ensuring the long-term success of the network while adapting to the changing needs of its ecosystem.

8. Vision & Roadmap

In the ever-evolving and interconnected landscape of technology and creativity, npayme envisions a future where the boundaries between creators, innovators, and users blur into a dynamic ecosystem of shared potential. Our roadmap is guided by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, with pioneers around the world actively developing decentralized marketplaces and analytics platforms. The npaymeDAO looks forward to expanding the network's dApp suite, embracing emerging technologies, and fostering collaborations that empower creators worldwide. As we journey forward, the npayme network will become a beacon of decentralized creativity, a platform where ideas are born, nurtured, and flourish collectively. Together, we will shape the future of the creator economy, creating a decentralized universe where every contribution matters, every voice is heard, and every creator is empowered to thrive. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more inclusive, transparent, and vibrant future – the npayme way.

Make sure to follow the npayme twitter for more updates regarding the roadmap!

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